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Autumn Has Arrived

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What do you love most about Autumn? Is it the cozy evenings and mornings and an excuse to be at home with a hot cup of something. Is it nature's change on full display with leaves changing colour? Or the warm chunky knitwear?

Autumn has to be one of our favourite seasons for all the reasons above, but really as another excuse to change up our home decor because one of the best parts of Autumn is simply cozying up in the great indoors, watching movies with a chunky blanket. We're talking burnt orange or pumpkin coloured items, luscious reds. Items with colours that allow us to reminisce about summer and endless summer days, that are uplifting, bright, happy and provide warmth as the days turn cold, grey and dreary.

Some ideas: swapping bright summer blooms for flower arrangements in shades of orange, burgundy, and yellow;

It's a great time for your decor to be adventurous, bold and playful. Take for instance our falling leaves gourd, is there anything more autumn than this?

The below Ugandan Raffia Wall Baskets are a fantastic tabletop choice, add pumpkin gourds for a truly uniquely autumn look.

This sweet honeycomb cushion adds a touch of glamour with it's gold touches. The burnt orange works well in the autumn months but to be honest it's such a lavish addition that it brings a pop of colour and looks gorgeous in every season.

Plus our falling leaves cushion is pretty self explanatory, we love the rich red mixed with the midnight blue. Super lovely addition to any sort of outdoor sitting area during these Autumn months.

Finally, our Autumn Basket of choice is this beautiful basket, hands down, it has to be. And from our online survey, most of you are in agreement.

Can you imagine it filled with a bunch of dried flowers? Breathtaking. We personaly would choose Trouva's Large "Dried Flower Bunch Golden Hour":

Honestly, it's time to transform your home into the cozy Autumn Retreat you've always dreamt of!!!

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