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20"Senegal Confetti Basket

20"Senegal Confetti Basket

Wolof women in rural Senegal craft beautiful baskets from cattail stalks and long strips of plastic salvaged from the production of plastic mats. Traditionally, such baskets were used to winnow grain and store food and other articles in the home, but modern synthetic materials update the baskets with eye-popping color.

This striking and useful basket features a black background littered with colorful triangles, and complements many of our other baskets and hampers from Senegal.

Sold singly. Because this is a handcrafted item, each may vary slightly.


Origin: Senegal

Size: 20" Diameter x 5" Thickness

          50cm Diameter x 12cm Thickness

Materials: 95% Typha (cattail) stalks, 5% plastic

    Illustrated White Cats

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